Comprehensive Background Check Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should applicants be checked?
» 10-15% of job applicants have a criminal record
» 45% of all resumes contain material lies or omissions about education, past employment or qualifications
» Reduce costs resulting from poor hiring decisions.

How can I request a pre-employment check from Full Circle?
The easiest and most cost-efficient method of requesting one of our verifications is through our web-based login. We also accept other methods including fax, telephone, or email.

How long will it take to receive my background check?
Several of our checks are available immediately online. Others are completed within three days. In instances where Full Circle Check must obtain records from courthouses who archive criminal records or the courthouse database is inefficient, a check may exceed the standard timing.

How far back should I go on a criminal background?
Researchers typically search the past seven years, which is in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Most felony and misdemeanor checks research the past seven years.

What if there is a guilty conviction in the past 7 years?
If there is a guilty conviction past 7 years, there are no federal limitations on reporting the information. Individual states each follow unique limitations; therefore, it is best to research your state laws if you have further questions.

I am concerned about the confidentiality of my applicant data. Is your database secure?
We have partnered with a third party that has a secured 128-bit SSL encryption and double firewall network security. All users must be set up by a Full Circle Check administrator before access is granted and must have a strong password. The web server software is kept up to date with all available patches.

What types of drug testing do you offer?
Full Circle Check offers DOT & Non DOT 5 and 10-panel drug tests. We are affiliated with two major drug-testing companies that offer convenient collection facilities nationwide

If we only need a criminal background check, do we still need a release?
The FCRA requires that a signed release form be used for all screenings regarding any consumer information.

Am I required to send a notice before I can withdraw an offer for a convicted felon?
Yes, under the FCRA, if you are taking adverse action based upon the results of a consumer report, you must send a pre- and post-adverse action letter and await the applicant's response.